Scott Peterson Murder Trial

In early 2004 Dr. DeVore was contacted by Mr. Dave Harris, one of the prosecutors in the Scott Peterson murder trial. As you may recall, Scott Peterson was on trial for the murder of his pregnant wife, Laci Peterson, and her unborn child, Conner. Dr. DeVore was asked to review the medical records and determine how old the fetus (Conner) was at the time of his death. This would coincide with the death of his mother, Laci. Dr. DeVore examined the medical records and then went to the coroner's office in Contra Costa county, east of San Francisco, where he examined the fetal bones of Conner. Dr. DeVore performed an ultrasound and measured the length of the femur bone. From the the prenatal records and the measurements he made from the ultrasound examination in the coroner's office, Dr. DeVore was able to formulate an opinion as to the most probable time of Conner's death. This coincided with the day that Laci Peterson disappeared. The video clips are from several of the hundreds news stations that carried the story.

The sequence of stories that may be the most interesting begins with an interview in December, 2004, following the conviction of Scott Peterson. Fox News anchor Greta Van Sustern speaks with four legal experts who were in attendance during Dr. DeVore's testimony.

In addition there are clips from news stories aired the day of Dr. DeVore's testimony, September, 22, 2004, and several stories that followed on September 23, and 24th. Of these stories, the most comprehensive were reported by COURT TV. In addition, there is a clip from CNN news reporting on the testimony of the Defense's expert witness.